Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do we service?

We service majority of areas throughout the South West & Peel regions ranging from Cottesloe to Augusta. When in doubt free call (08) 9531 3111

How do I pay for my skip bin?

Payment must be made at the time of booking via Credit Card, or Direct Deposit, OR via Cash paid to the driver at the time of delivery.

What am I not allowed to put in my skip bin?

No asbestos, food scraps, liquids (including concrete slurry), grease/oils, chemicals, explosives or hazardous waste are permitted in skip bins.

How much can I put in the bin?

The bin is designed to be filled to the top of the bin. Over filling bins causes our drivers problems with transporting the bin and can be dangerous. Our drivers will remove items that exceed the top level of the bin or refuse to remove the bin from your site which will result in additional costs.

Can I keep the bin longer than the agreed hire period?

Yes but you need to notify us well before the agreed pickup date. Depending on how much longer you need the bin, additional charges may apply.

Can I move the bin?

No. This can cause damage to your property and our bin when we pick it up.

If I finish with the bin earlier than the agreed hire period, can I have it picked up?

Yes just call us when you have finished with the bin and we will pick it

Can I mix green waste with general waste in my skip bin?

Yes, mixed waste is accepted.

Can I put asbestos in the bin?

No, not unless you have arranged with us to have the bin for asbestos and asbestos only. There are very specific requirements for the transport and removal of asbestos. Please phone one of our trained staff and they can assist you with your enquiry.

Are the skip bins accessible for my wheelbarrow?

Yes, all skip bins have a back door for easy access.

How long can I hire a skip bin?

Generally we hire skip bins on a 6 day term, however shorter or longer time frames can easily be arranged via our free call line – (08) 9531 3111

Where will the skip bin be placed at my property?

You will be able to specify a preferred location of your skip bin when you book. For example:

  • Next to the driveway
  • On the verge
  • On the front lawn etc.

Our vehicles and full bins are very heavy so choose a traffic-free location with easy access and plenty of room.

Note: We do not take responsibility for any damage to your property due to skip bin location – for more information refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

Do I need to be home when the bin is picked up or delivered?

No. If you have paid your account and specified the exact location you will not need to be home.

Is the waste from the skip bin recycled?

Yes, your waste is sorted and recycled through our Materials Recovery Facility with up to 90% recycled.